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Universal piano system, “Eye Play Piano.”

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  • About “Eye Play the Piano”

    Eye Play the Piano is a universal piano system that allows one to play with only through the use of sight using the eye tracking HMD, FOVE.
    Now, there are 135 specialized schools nationwide for the physically-disabled.
    We aim to familiarize this system across the country and support every child’s freedom of expression.

    Donating this system to 50 schools.
    *50,000 Yen: cover the costs for one system.
    *FOVE will cover 20,000 Yen per system.

    The System

    1.FOVE perceives the users eye movement through the eye tracking technology

    2. The preferred note can be triggered by looking at the panel within the interface.

    3. The user blinks on the preferred panels within the interface to trigger the selected note, which is then conveyed to the connected piano via MIDI signal.

    4.Furthermore, tilting down of the head plays the role of the piano pedal which lengthens the selected note.

    Our Team

    We are a steering body made up from the FOVE Development and the Creative Production Team.
    FOVE is the world’s first eye tracking HMD device. Features are the eye-sight tracking and the head tracking function, which enable to create a 360°virtual world with the movement of the eye.
    With the use of this, it's possible to enter into the realm of medical care and it can help bring out the thoughts of what one is thinking.

    Used during a Xmas concert.

    On December 18th 2014, the Eye Play the Piano system was used in a Xmas concert held and conducted by students of the University of Tsukuba’s Special Needs Education School for the Physically Challenged. A student of the same school, Kota Numajiri took part at their Xmas concert conducted by the PTA chorus by playing the piano using this system. Kota had been practicing over 4 months and many of his ideas were applied in development.

    Feelings towards the project

    My name is Kojima and I am representative for FOVE. This project was started in April of 2014. The idea of expression coming only from the actions of the human eyes does not only apply to playing the piano but we also believe that this technology can open up many new possibilities to all humans.
    We believe that Eye Play the Piano is just the first step in moving forward.
    We ask for your cooperation in making this goal a realization.

    About the gift

    1,000yen ≒ $8.4
    Thanks from the project team will be sent by email with a limited release movie of the making.

    3,000yen ≒ $25
    Supporter names will be featured on project homepage.

    5000yen ≒ $42
    Piano audio composed from the Eye Play the Piano system will be sent.

    10,000yen ≒ $84
    Invitation to a networking event with project members scheduled to be held within Tokyo. You can hear the project review and experience operational use of the system.

    About the gift 2

    50,000yen ≒ $420

    Invitation to a networking event and after party with project members scheduled to be held within Tokyo. You can hear the project review and experience operational use of the system.
    *Travelling expenses are not included.

    100,000yen ≒ $840
    Printing your name or company logo on FOVE device.
    *We will inform you the way of submitting your data for printing.

    500,000yen ≒ $4,200
    A prototype of the FOVE device (excluding the piano)

    Budget use

    Our goal is to donate the “Eye Play the Piano” universal piano system (which includes the head mount display and exclusive application) nationwide to 135 schools for the physically-disabled (334 schools if calculated by departments). For stage one we will be donating this universal piano system to 50 schools.

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    Eye Play the Pianoとは「全ての人が持つ表現の可能性」をサポートするために視線追跡機能を持つヘッドマウントディスプレイ『FOVE』を使い、手や腕を使わずに演奏することができるこれまでにない“ユニバーサルピアノ”を開発するプロジェクトです。

    団体活動: 肢体不自由児向けユニバーサルピアノシステム Eye Play the Pianoの普及活動

    チャレンジャーがEYE PLAY THE PIANOを選んだ理由

    The Eye Play the Piano project started with the wish to support each and everyone’s freedom of expression by introducing the “Universal Piano" which uses the eye tracking head mount device, FOVE.






    現在の寄付人数 : 13



    Eye Play the Pianoプロジェクトのホームページ上へ支援者様のお名前を掲載させていただきます。

    現在の寄付人数 : 17


    Eye Play the Pianoで演奏した生ピアノ音源

    Eye Play the Pianoシステムで演奏した生ピアノ音源をCDメディアにして送付いたします。

    現在の寄付人数 : 4

    配送予定日 : 未定

    購入可能期間 : 2014/12/18 13:00 ~ 2015/03/31 23:59




    都内にて開催予定のEye Play the Pianoプロジェクトメンバーとの交流会へご招待いたします。運営代表からの本プロジェクトの報告、エンジニアからのテクノロジーの解説、さら実際にEye Play the Pianoシステムを使った体験会も実施いたします。

    現在の寄付人数 : 16





    現在の寄付人数 : 0





    現在の寄付人数 : 2




    本プロジェクト達成後、Eye Play the Pianoで使用しているFOVE試作機本体を差し上げます。

    現在の寄付人数 : 1

    配送予定日 : 未定

    購入可能期間 : 2014/12/18 13:00 ~ 2015/03/31 23:59