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Help Sending Japan's Sustainability Updates!

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  • About Japan for Sustainability (JFS)

    For 14 years, Japan for Sustainability (JFS) has been sending the world information from Japan on progress with sustainability. Our online archive shows that Japan really has something to offer the world in terms of useful knowledge, technologies, and efforts to promote sustainability.

    Title list of JFS Newsletter

    JFS's Topics -- Resilience

    As part of our ongoing coverage in the years since the Great East Japan Earthquake and nuclear accident in March 2011, JFS has been steadily delivering reports on the affected region, lessons learned, processes of recovery and reconstruction, and challenges remaining and changing over time. We believe it can teach everyone a lot about “resilience.”

    Lessons from Population Issues

    Meanwhile, Japan attracts notice from the world as it is experiencing the rapid aging of society and a declining population, phenomena that many other countries are or will follow. Quite a number of rural municipalities are expected to “disappear” due to their inability to maintain administrative functions. How Japan, as a nation and a people, copes with these new challenges will likely provide important lessons and case studies for the world.

    Unique Information from Japan

    Among all the English online media in Japan, JFS is unique as a source of information with an integrated perspective on sustainability. Even the national government is not able to match our level of coverage.

    JFS selects information from diverse sources, packages the best that will help create a sustainable future into daily & monthly articles, translates them into English, and then delivers them online and to readers in 185 countries for free.

    Reprint via JFS by Greenbiz

    JFS's plan in the short term

    - Launch a feature page of efforts and trends associated with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Japan (coming soon!)
    - Provide another online source to facilitate interactions between overseas and Japanese communities/projects

    JFS's plan in the longer term

    - Continue covering the emerging issues in Japan related to well-being and sustainability
    - Expand networks in the international community that are active in promoting sustainability
    - Help connecting Japanese players and the worldwide network.

    We need your support!

    All of these we do with volunteers and just two full-time staff, which is tough to accomplish on a tight budget.
    JFS functions as a gateway to various sustainability groups, but we seriously face difficulties to secure funds to sustain our activities.

    Has JFS been useful for your activities?
    Would you consider offering us some help?

    JFS accepts donations from around the world through this page.
    Thank you for your understanding and support.

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    ジャパン・フォー・サステナビリティ / Japan for Sustainability



    団体活動: 日本の、持続可能な未来に向けたさまざまな取り組みや変化の兆しを世界に届けます

    チャレンジャーがジャパン・フォー・サステナビリティ / Japan for Sustainabilityを選んだ理由

    Among numerous online media, JFS sends unique information from Japan in English with an integrated perspective on sustainability. Even the national government does not match its level of coverage.