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Support Japan - GAMBARE

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  • welcome to pictures dept. charity page. GAMBARE means CHEER UP!

    I am "challenged" to collect charity support for CIVIC FORCE, which I have selected as being one of the best organizations for logistical and functional support.

    Things to KnowWhat is happening here in Japan, especially the stricken areas in Tohoku and Northern Kanto, is the worst disaster in Japan this century. We still do not know how many victims the quakes and tsunami have claimed, because the life-line is still not functioning. The damaged area is huge and we know this is going to be a long term recovery. I can help by starting to fund raise in support of people there.

    What Your Charity Money Can Achieve....CIVIC FORCE is a very reliable emergency response team. See their website for more details (in English) http://civic-force.org/english/index.html

    About pictures dept.pictures dept. is world sales company for Japanese films. See company details here;http://picturesdept.com/company/

    Target AmountIn this situation, too much is not enough. But I don’t expect that from one person.  A small amount from everyone would make a big result.

    My ExperienceWhen 911 happened, I was in Toronto airport on board my plane ready to fly off at any minute, and then the panic started. After evacuating from the airport, what I really needed was CORRECT INFORMATION. It was the kindness of  foreigners that helped to relax my nerves in such a panicky situation.

    My Wish
    This is surely going to be a long-term problem. I hope many people outside or within Japan support the people try to recover. Please click and donate, if you are with us.

    Thank you everyone for your heart and soul♪

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    団体活動: CIVIC FORCEの活動

    領収書の発行依頼は こちらから。

    チャレンジャーがCIVIC FORCEを選んだ理由

    It is important to centerize support to capable organization.

    なぜ募金か?なぜCivic Forceか→