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Dance Aid for Japan 東日本大震災被災地支援

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    パリ・オペラ座のダンサーから、日本の人たちへのメッセージ No.2


    Civic Force様への支援を通じ、被災地の方々に一刻も早く安心を届けたいと思います。

    [Donate to the affected population of earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku, Japan]
    Thank you very much for your kind offer of donation to the Dance Aid for Japan.

    If you live outside of Japan, you can help those affected by the terrible earthquake and tsunami in Japan by making a donation to Civic Force via Chacott Dance Aid for Japan program - a charity established to respond to large scale natural disasters in Japan.

    Here, you can find the information on how to make a donation to as below;
    ●Credit card through Chacott Dance Aid for Japan at JustGiving website
      Here is English quick guide, please access to the following URL.
      http://justgiving.jp/pdf/justgiving-man.pdf?110318(PDF file)

    Thank you for your generous offer. It is surely the source of encouragement for the affected population in Japan.

    【About us: Chacott】:
    Chacott Co.,Ltd. was established as a manufacturer and retailer of Classic ballet products in 1950. Chacott creates ideal surroundings in arts and sports field as the leading company of ballet and dance market. And we aim to present comprehensive service to the people throughout manufacturing products and arranging circumstances for your comfortable lives. A number of worldwide top dancers and artists have passed along their passion, knowledge, and love to Chacott, and now we have just launched fundraising program here, supported by our customers and all who love ballet and dancing all over the world.
    Find more information about Chacott as following
    URL; http://www.chacott-jp.com/j/index.html

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    団体活動: CIVIC FORCEの活動

    領収書の発行依頼は こちらから。

    チャレンジャーがCIVIC FORCEを選んだ理由

    一刻も早い救済・復興が必要な今、災害救援の専門集団として、いち早く現地入りし、支援を開始したCIVIC FORCEを応援します。