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Run for Children Tohoku

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  • ”Run For Children Tohoku"
    I will take up the challenge to run in the Tokyo Marathon 2012
    to support the children of the Tohoku region.

    I've entered to run in the "Tokyo Marathon 2012" taking place
    next month on the 26th. This will be my first full marathon,
    and I'm running to support the orphans and children of the
    Tohoku region, who had been affected by the earthquake last
    March. "Hatachi Kikin" run by the Japan Foundation is a support
    group working to aid the children through continuous phsychological
    care and education and life support. They are collecting funds
    through JustGiving Japan, the fund raising tool that started on the
    internet in 2010, established to support people taking up challenges.
    By signing up and registering you credit card, you can make
    donations starting from 500yen(approximately 6.5USD,5EURO,
    4GBP). It will almost be 1year from the disaster, and I hope to raise
    awareness towards the Tohoku region that seems to be losing attention.
    I hope you can disseminate this information as well as make donations
    of any amount to support the children of Tohoku who are our future.
    I hope for your kind support.

    Toshio Matsuura

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    Run for Children Tohokuに参加中




    ハタチ基金とは、被災地の子ども達の心のケアに合わせ、 学び・自立の機会を継続的に提供する基金として設立しました。 「東日本大震災発生時に0歳だった赤ちゃんが、 無事にハタチを迎えるその日まで。」 子どもたちのサポートを継続的におこなう期限付きの基金です。

    団体活動: ハタチ基金の活動

    領収書の発行依頼は こちらから。


    they support the daily lives and education of
    the children in the affected area.
    I was touched by their strenuous efforts, and decided to support them.