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Help Asia to Co-create Sustainability

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  • For 10 years, Japan for Sustainability (JFS) has been giving the world information from Japan and Asia on progress with sustainability. Our online archive of articles shows that Japan and Asia really have something to offer the world in terms of useful knowledge, technologies and efforts to promote sustainability.

    JFS collects and screens information from diverse source, wraps the best gems into daily and monthly articles and reports, translates them into English and then delivers it all to 185 countries in the world. All this we do with volunteer teams, and just two full-time staff. As you can imagine, this is a challenge to do on our tight budget.

    We would greatly appreciate your support to help us keep going for another decade. JFS accepts donations from around the world through this page.

    When you make your gift-giving list this year, please consider JFS.
    Consider it a present to future generations.

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    ジャパン・フォー・サステナビリティ / Japan for Sustainability



    団体活動: ジャパン・フォー・サステナビリティ / Japan for Sustainabilityの活動

    チャレンジャーがジャパン・フォー・サステナビリティ / Japan for Sustainabilityを選んだ理由

    Serving 185 countries worldwide, Japan for Sustainability (JFS) is a valuable source of information from Japan and Asia to realize a more sustainable society. 
    Please support JFS!