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治療法発見を願い、自己ベスト Beat my PB for fundraising!


2015 年 11 月 01 日 20:11

Keiko Kuwasaki Millar
Keiko Kuwasaki Millar
I've smashed my PB!!
It's all thanks to your donations and supportive messages.


11月1日(日) 第一回富山マラソンにて無事42.195キロを3時間38分23秒で走りきり、自己ベストを7分更新することが出来ました。

Today I managed to finish the 1st Toyama Marathon in 3 hr 38 min 23 sec smashing my PB by 7 minutes!!
With endless cheering from the audience from the very start, a superb view of Mount Tate from the Shinminato Bridge, and the excitement of running with my old school friends and running mates who came to join me from Tokyo and Osaka (one of them actually volunteered to be my pacer) helped me run comfortably until the 30 km point. When it got very tough after the 30 km, I thought about my mum who would tell me not to give up but thank those who kindly supported my challenge and it was what's taken me all the way to the finish line. It was a truly amazing and memorable experience for me. Thank you so much for your warm support!!!