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治療法発見を願い、自己ベスト Beat my PB for fundraising!


2015 年 11 月 03 日 08:16

Keiko Kuwasaki Millar
Keiko Kuwasaki Millar
Newspaper article regarding my challenge!


ウェブ版: http://webun.jp/item/7226742 

Thank you again for your fantastic support for me to achieve my donation target (JPY 250,000) as well as marathon target (3hr 45min).
In the newspaper of 2 November 2015 in Toyama, an article appeared regarding my challenge to raise money for Spinocerebellar Degeneration (SCD). I hope this type of publicity leads increased awareness of SCD and fundraising for the Association of SCD & MSA to support the patients and their families and for treatment for these diseases to be found eventually. I appreciate your continued interest in SCD and support for related organizations and patients.