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治療法発見を願い、自己ベスト Beat my PB for fundraising!


2015 年 12 月 02 日 21:35

Keiko Kuwasaki Millar
Keiko Kuwasaki Millar
Post-Challenge Update from Keiko


(English follows Japanese)
今回のチャレンジを通して、皆様から頂戴した寄付金の合計はなんと51万3千円にもなりました!! 当初25万円にしていた目標額の2倍を上回るこの金額に、私自身ただただ驚き、そして皆様の温かいご支援に心から感謝しています。本当にありがとうございました。このチャレンジを通して、色んな方々とお話をし、私は多くの方々のご家族への想い、社会貢献や寄付集めへの関心、医療発展や難病撲滅への願いなどに触れました。皆様からの寄付金は、そんな皆様の優しい想いや願いの結晶なのだと思います。

As my challenge has now finished (donations not received after 30th Nov), I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that my fund-raising for the SCD & MSA Association totalled JPY513,000 (AU$5,600). This is more than twice the goal I originally set!
I cannot thank you enough for your generosity and wonderful support. Through my challenge, I got to communicate with many different people directly and indirectly involved - I talked with those about their affection about their families, their passion for social contribution and fund-raising, and their wish for progress in the development of medical research for rare disorders. I believe those feelings are what made my endeavour such a success...
Representatives from the SCD & MSA Association have expressed their sincere gratitude for all donations received and promised that they would make the best use of the funds raised.
As for my personal marathon goal, I achieved a new personal best time and completed the marathon in 3 hours 38 minutes - breaking my previous personal best by 7 minutes. I was only able to achieve this because I was not running for myself, but rather for my late mum, the many other patients currently battling this disorder (and their families), and of course all those who supported me and made generous donations.
Thank you again for your all your support which enabled me to achieve both my goals.
I would like to continue to do what I can do to support the patients and their families of SCD and MSA.
Best regards,