治療法発見を願い、自己ベスト Beat my PB for fundraising! の詳細

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My Challenge

両親と訪れた京都 Trip to Kyoto (2012)

両親と訪れた京都 Trip to Kyoto (2012)

母の日 Mother's Day (2013)

母の日 Mother's Day (2013)

I'm Keiko living in Australia. As the first ever full marathon event in Toyama (my hometown in Japan) is to be held in November this year, I felt I had no choice but to sign up for it and take the chance to do it for a cause close to my heart. So I decided to run 42km aiming to beat my PB (3:45) while fundraising for SCD & MSA Association. SCD is the disease my mum passed away from in November 2014. Please make a donation to support my challenge!

My running mates

Another reason I continue to run is because I have many fun & passionate running mates. Some of the mates with whom I experienced my first full marathon in 2011 are also going all the way to my hometown of all places to run another 42k with me! A few school friends will be there too. I've been training with my running mates here in Melbourne for the past months. I wouldn’t be making this challenge without encouragement from all of these friends.



Running and me

I started to run for the first time in ages, shortly after finding out my mum’s disease. Around then I often felt worried about her & depressed as I couldn't do much living overseas. But running always made me feel better. Since then I started considering running as my wish for her to spend a day feeling peaceful and my appreciation to her for my health, so running has become an important part of my life that allows me to feel her close even now.



SCA & MSA Association in Japan

This association provides opportunities to SCA & MSA patients and their families to interact and share useful information with each other, and works on activities to reach out to relevant bodies in order for causes and treatment of SCA & MSA to be identified as soon as possible, and to raise awareness of SCA & MSA in society.



Spinocerebellar Degeneration

Spinocerebellar Degeneration (SCD) is a progressive and degenerative disease where the cerebellum gradually atrophies and nerve cells get lost. In late 2009 my mum started losing muscle control in her hands, arms and legs, had defects in her speech, and subsequently had difficulty in doing lots of things. At the end she was completely bed-ridden. What my family and I desired desperately was for causes and treatments of SCD to be discovered.


脊髄小脳変性症(SCD)は、運動失調を主な症状とする神経疾患の総称です。小脳および脳幹から脊髄にかけての神経細胞が徐々に消失していく難病で、特定疾患として認定されています。(映画やドラマでも知られる『1リットルの涙』はSCDを患った少女に関する実話。) MSAは日本ではSCDの中で最も多い疾患で、孤発性と分類されます。SCDのほとんどの疾患は根治的な治療法が確立されていない為、現時点では症状の緩和としての治療が主流です。

私のチャレンジ (English follows)

2014年11月16日、最愛の母が他界。「脊髄小脳変性症」という治療法が発見されていない難病を患った末のことでした。私は「脊髄小脳変性症(SCD)・多系統萎縮症(MSA) 友の会」への寄付金を募りつつ、富山マラソンでの自己ベスト (3時間45分) の更新に挑戦します。このチャレンジを応援してくださる方は、友の会の活動資金に当てる募金の協力を是非お願いいたします。